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Genome engineering through CRISPR/Cas is offering many new and exciting possibilities for cancer research as well as opening up potential clinical applications. 

To assist with the implementation of this state-of-the-art technology, Cancer Center Amsterdam (CCA) has appointed a CRISPR Consultant ( to assist CCA researchers with anything related to CRISPR/Cas. The CRISPR Consultant organizes meetings and a course for researchers interested in CRISPR and hosts an online community harboring lists of available reagents and protocols. The Consultant also assists with the design, optimization and implementation of CRISPR/Cas-related protocols and applications. 

The CRISPR Platform is governed by Louis Vermeulen ( and Rob Wolthuis (


We have established an online community platform for all CRISPR users of the Amsterdam UMC. Please register or sign in to ask questions about CRISPR technology and discuss your problems and ideas.
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We regularly organize courses for AUMC PhD students and PostDocs. Please register to participate.
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Tools and links

We have assembled a selection of useful CRISPR tools and links.
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