ARTec CRISPR seminar on June 4 2019

CRISPR seminar
Tuesday, June 4th 2019
Amstelzaal, VUmc, 12:45-17:15

Basics of CRISPR, CRISPR in mice, CRISPR screens, CRISPR mediated gene activation, CRISPR in organoids CRISPR Knock-in, CRISPR platform Amsterdam UMC

Rob Wolthuis, Klaas de Lint, Maarten Bebelman Vincent Christoffels, Johan van Nes, Sanne van Neerven

Keynote speaker
Daniël Warmerdam

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CRISPR study in humans raises serious concerns

Chinese researcher He
Jiankui announced he has engineered HIV resistance in a pair of human embryos
using CRISPR:

The study, made publicly through
Youtube, raised worldwide ethical concerns. Dutch Scientist including Amsterdam
UMC researcher Sjoerd Repping responded:, as well as Jeantine Lunshof, a leading Dutch ethicist on this

Development of a new method to deliver CRISPR

Amsterdam UMC researchers Rubina Baglio and Michiel Pegtel together with Daniël Warmerdam from the CRISPR Platform have received a grant from the Cancer Center Amsterdam to further develop a new delivery method for CRISPR/Cas in cells and tissues for the potential application in the treatment of cancer.

Spinoza award for CRISPR pioneer John van Oost

John van der Oost, professor of Microbiology at the University of Wageningen, is one of the founders of CRISPR/Cas system. He has made important discoveries on how CRISPR/Cas contributes to bacterial immunity.

CRISPR diagnostics

Using a variant of Cas9 called Cpf1/Cas12a and the RNA targeting enzyme Cas13a researchers have recently published several methods (1234) that allow easy, rapid and highly sensitive detection of various viruses in blood. However, CRISPR diagnostics can be used for various applications, including genotyping and might also be used for early detection of cancer.