Scientific Advances: In vivo CRISPR screens identify novel regulatory switches for effector T cells

Back-to-back manuscripts from the labs of Junwei Shi and Hongbo Chi in Cell present data from in vivo pooled CRISPR screens dissecting the molecular pathways involved in the differentiation of naïve CD8+ T cells into effector and memory cells. In both studies, genetic switches (Fli1 & Pofut1) were identified that enhanced the activity of T effector cells against infectious pathogens or tumors.

For more information, see:
Chen, Z., et al. (2021) In vivo CD8+ T cell CRISPR-screening reveals control by Fli1 in infection and cancer. Cell.
Huang, H., et al. (2021) In vivo CRISPR-screening reveals nutrient signaling processes underpinning CD8+ T cell fate decisions. Cell.

Keywords: CRISPR, in vivo screens, CD8+, T cells, immunotherapy

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